Diseases and Conditions

Many Wyoming Department of Health programs work to prevent and help treat many different diseases and conditions faced by our state’s citizens. Learn more about these diseases and conditions, as well as about the support available through our department.

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Mental Health and Substance Use Help

Find treatment providers and learn about community options that can help when you or someone you know need treatment for mental health conditions or substance use issues.

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Injury Prevention

Find out about unintentional injuries and their burden in our state.

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Substance Abuse and Suicide Prevention

Find out how the Wyoming Department of Health works to help prevent substance abuse in communities around the state.

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Cancer Information and Services

Learn more about cancer recommendations and resources in Wyoming and find out whether you qualify for free cancer screening services.

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Communicable Diseases

Learn more about preventing sexually transmitted diseases, viral hepatitis and tuberculosis, as well as about services available to help affected Wyoming residents.

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Infectious Diseases

Learn more about the diseases that are vaccine-preventable, spread by food and water, or related to animals and insects.