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The Healthcare Financing Division brings Wyoming's public healthcare programs together under one umbrella to better serve eligible citizens. The division includes Wyoming Medicaid, Kid Care CHIP and the Medication Donation Program.

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Healthcare Financing Division
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Healthcare Financing Division – Helpful Highlights

Does Your Child Qualify for Kid Care CHIP?

Families with an income up to 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level may have children eligible for affordable health coverage.


Who Can Apply for Wyoming Medicaid?

Wyoming Medicaid serves children, families and pregnant women, as well as the aged, blind and disabled. We offer programs to eligible Wyoming citizens.


Customer Service Center

Apply easily for Medicaid and Kid Care CHIP through our Customer Service Center. For questions or to apply, please call 1-855-294-2127.


Do You Have Extra Medications?

The Medication Donation Program accepts donations at sites across the state. Unused medications are dispensed to low-income Wyoming residents in need.


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Wyoming Medicaid

Medicaid helps pay for healthcare services for children, pregnant women, families with children and individuals who are aged, blind or disabled who qualify based on citizenship, residency, family income and, sometimes, resources and healthcare needs.

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Questions & Concerns

If you need to ask a question or file a concern about Medicaid services or providers, please click here.

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Kid Care CHIP

Kid Care CHIP offers health insurance coverage for Wyoming’s children and teens through age 18 who are uninsured and meet income and eligibility guidelines.

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Medication Donation Program

The Wyoming Medication Donation Program reduces medication waste and improves prescription access for low-income residents by re-dispensing acceptable donated medications.


Home and Community Based Services

Home and Community Based Services oversees waiver programs for individuals with developmental disabilities, acquired brain injuries, and who are ages 19-64 with a physical disability or ages 65+ who need nursing facility level of care.

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Program Integrity

The Program Integrity unit ensures the integrity and accountability of all payments made for healthcare services on behalf of a recipient.