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COVID Restrictions for the WLRC campus, until further notice:


WLRC is following CDC and CMS guidelines across campus, and have implemented the following:


• Restricting visitation to the campus of all visitors (excluding guardians) and non-essential health care personnel, except for certain compassionate care situations, such as end-of-life comfort (Hospice). Other exceptions are non-WLRC healthcare workers and surveyors, repairpersons deemed necessary, and vendors delivering supplies that are required for continued operations.


• Guardians of WLRC residents can visit their person under specific processes and safety precautions.


• Restricting off-campus travel for our residents, except for necessary medical appointments.


• Canceling campus group activities, and large meetings. Day Programming will continue, but with an alternate schedule.


• The main campus gate will be open and staff screened on a 24/7 basis. All staff will be required to produce their WLRC name badge at the main gate upon entrance to the campus and be screened for respiratory symptoms. Temperatures of each person will be taken via an infrared thermometer on every area upon arrival to work. Staff with temperatures over 100 ͦ will be sent home and told to contact their physician’s office for more instructions.


• The campus entrance at Chittim Road has been closed to all traffic.


• Enterprise Road will be restricted to construction and delivery traffic only. All non-construction and staff vehicles will be turned around. Sletten staff will screen people and vehicles entering this entrance. All construction staff will stay behind the construction fences.


• No WLRC clinical/therapy PRN work outside WLRC is allowed, with the exception of a contract provider.


• We have also implemented the requirement of face masks for all staff while on campus property, with no exceptions.




Wyoming Life Resource Center (WLRC) is a residential community with therapeutic and medical support services. We provide the least restrictive, most appropriate, and most integrated environment possible with informed choice.  This 24-hour care, 365 days a year Intermediate Care Facility for People with Intellectual Disability (ICF/IID) serves people with intellectual disabilities, exceptionally difficult behaviors, and who are hard to place.  It is home to a state of the art care, learning, and job opportunities.



Wyoming Life Resource Center's future is very exciting due to a new mission, Capital Construction Project, Green House Model of Care implementation, and a new Skilled Nursing Facility.


In 2016, the Wyoming State Legislature endorsed a new mission for WLRC.  The legislature also approved and funded a major capital construction project.


Currently, multiple older buildings have been demolished to clear land for new development.  New construction will consist of ten new client cottages, day programming buildings, a clinic, a recreation center with an indoor pool, and a facilities building.  The estimated construction completion date in the fall of 2021.


Upon the construction completion, WLRC will open several cottages under a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) license.  These SNF cottages will service persons with organic brain syndrome who manifest exceptionally difficult behaviors, persons with high medical needs, and persons who are hard to place.


The new cottages will all open under the Green House model of care. The Core Values of the Green House Project are Real Home, Meaningful Life, and Empowered Staff.


Contact Info:

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