Vital Statistics Services Upgrading Systems

December 11, 2020

Vital Statistics Services Upgrading Systems

Vital Statistics Services (VSS) is changing how users access the Wyoming vital records registration process and options as part of an overall upgrade to key systems, according to the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH).

VSS system users typically include county clerk employees who file information about marriages and divorces, hospital personnel who enter details about births, doctors and coroners who file death certificates and funeral home staff.

Guy Beaudoin, VSS deputy state registrar with WDH, said the current upgrade is intended to set the stage for future enhancements to the state’s vital records system.

“We have plans to update our system security, streamline password management and enhance interoperability with other systems,” Beaudoin said. “It’s all meant to improve services. Eventually we hope to offer online ordering of birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates to for residents and others who need those records of Wyoming events.”

Users were notified recently by VSS via email of changes to the system front-end or “user interface,” and what to expect when they go to file, certify or complete a record.

Users who work with the VSS system who have not received information about the systems changes or who have questions should contact the VSS office at

VSS promotes and protects the health of Wyoming residents by serving as the official custodian of all vital records in the state and by disseminating health information in support of health and social planning efforts. For more information about VSS, visit online.