Free Online Learning for Older Adults Promotes Overall Wellness

December 13, 2023

Free Online Learning for Older Adults Promotes Overall Wellness

As the Wyoming Department of Health continues to a partner with the largest online learning platform designed specifically for older adults, a wide range of free classes remains available to older Wyoming adults.

Jeff Clark, Community Health Section manager with the WDH Aging Division, described the “GetSetUp” digital education site as an overall opportunity for older adults to bridge the digital divide, increase activity and boost wellness. “A number of offerings particularly appropriate for the winter months are currently featured and we encourage people to check them out,” he said.

The collaboration brings an array of classes aimed at promoting lifelong learning, empowerment, and social engagement among Wyoming’s older adults, especially during the challenging winter months. Some offerings are live sessions; others are recorded and available at any time.

“Wyoming residents can access thousands of interactive classes taught by older adults to their peers on GetSetUp,” Clark said. “These classes can be a simple way to connect with others from the comfort and safety of one’s home.”

More than 5,000 Wyoming residents have participated in the classes since WDH began its partnership with GetSetUp roughly two years ago. “While the variety of subjects available through GetSetUp is impressive, so far it appears fitness classes have been the most popular among users from Wyoming,” Clark said.

General subjects available range from how to effectively use digital technology, to health and wellness through fitness and cooking to a full range of enrichment classes. “There’s even a specific class for new users to learn how to best use the site,” Clark said.

GetSetUp helps address aging health by assuring older adults stay connected to the technical tools they need to age in place at home. “Research has shown older adults who learn to comfortably use tech for connections with family and others will age more successfully,” Clark said.

GetSetUp’s custom-built video learning interface is available around the clock and has been tailored to older adults of all tech levels. The platform offers support via phone and in all classes to help learners with technology, and includes a booking system complete with regular reminders and after-class notes.

Clark noted many classes are available in Spanish, with some presented in other languages as well.

Wyoming’s older adults can safely and easily connect with a worldwide community by visiting online. Because of the WDH Aging Division partnership with GetSetUp, the classes are free for state residents. To avoid fees, residents should use the coupon code “Wyoming” while booking classes.