Information for Providers

The Wyoming Department of Health works with many different individuals and groups to ensure clients of our various programs receive the healthcare services they need.

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Disease Reporting Information

Find out which diseases and conditions Wyoming law requires healthcare providers and laboratories to report to our department, along with a report form.

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Developmental Disability Section Links

Find quick links to key updates, requirement and forms used when working with the Developmental Disabilities Section to provide needed services to participants.

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Wyoming Medicaid Pharmacy Services

Visit Pharmacy Services to find quick links to important medication resources for Wyoming Medicaid prescribing providers, including the preferred drug list.

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Mental Health and Substance Use Provider Certification

Find out more about Wyoming’s certification requirements. Find a quick link to the certification application and renewal system.

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Immunization Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Detailed resources and information are available about distributing and handling vaccines in Wyoming for community healthcare professionals.

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Becoming a Wyoming Medicaid Provider

Learn more about the steps needed to become a Wyoming Medicaid provider and find answers to many of the most often asked provider questions.