Information for Parents

Many Wyoming Department of Health programs and activities can help Wyoming parents meet the health-related needs of their families. Support can be found for pregnant women, babies, youth and sometimes adult children.

Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program

Nutritious foods and other health services can help families with kids get off to a great start through WIC. WIC is for pregnant women, infants, new moms and young children.

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Apply for Healthcare Coverage

Apply to find out if you or your children qualify for Wyoming Medicaid or KidCare CHIP, two of the healthcare coverage programs offered by the Wyoming Department of Health.

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Mental Health and Substance Abuse Help

Find treatment providers and learn about community options that can help when you or someone you know need treatment for mental health conditions or substance use issues.

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Developmental Disabilities Community Programs

Important community-based support for disabled children and adults is offered by our department through Medicaid-funded waiver programs. Learn more to see whether these programs might be right to help your family.

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Immunization Information

Immunizations help protect our families from many diseases. Get answers to your questions about the immunizations you and your children may need, or request an immunization record.

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Find a Public Health Nursing Office Near You

Public health nurses, located in every Wyoming county, offer many needed healthcare services ranging from home visits for babies to immunizations directly in our communities.