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 Wyoming State Hospital Treatment Program Descriptions
Adult Psychiatric Services
The Adult Psychiatric Services (APS) provides comprehensive acute and intermediate care services for those persons requiring psychiatric intervention as defined by being a danger to self or others, or being unable to care for self due to mental illness.  Multi-disciplinary assessment and individualized treatment planning occurs for each patient.  Stabilization, learning how to manage one's illness, and maintenance thereafter, is accomplished through medications, therapies, and reintroduction to the community.
The Medical Geriatric Psychiatric Services strives to provide excellent psychiatric and physical care. It is intended that patients may be physically and psychiatrically safe, receiving assistance wherever needed to have the best possible quality of life every day. The MGP promotes the gaining of skills and resources necessary to live successfully, satisfied and as independently as possible. The values inherent in this include, in the most normalizing manner possible, that patients experience dignity and self determination; that a large spectrum of physical, social, and emotional opportunities be available; that patients be encouraged to work from personal strengths; that support be developed in a patient's attempts at growth; that patients be encouraged in the development of interpersonal relations, and to become involved and/or integrated in the larger community.
Criminal Justice Treatment Services
The Criminal Justice Service (CJS) serves the courts in Wyoming by performing forensic evaluations both by admitting defendants to the Wyoming State Hospital and by outpatient forensic evaluations (i.e., examiners traveling to communities).  CJS also provides a full range of assessment and treatment services to defendants in restoration to competency, to civilly committed patients who have active charges/legal obligations, and to persons adjudicated Not Guilty by Reason of Mental Illness.  The service is located on Johnson Hall in the Karn Building.