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 Admissions Office Information

Phone: (307)789-3464 x208
Fax: (307)789-7213



Prior to admission to WSH, you will have been seen by a community mental health professional who has determined that hospitalization can be beneficial for you. This person will have contacted the admitting office at the WSH to make arrangements for you to come. It is very helpful for the WSH team if you will sign permission for your medical/psychiatric records to be sent ahead or for them to accompany you to the hospital. Having this information immediately available helps the team begin planning your treatment with you quickly.



  • Several changes of clothing, including pajamas, robe, and coat, hat, boots (if you are coming in the winter). It is best to bring comfortable, casual clothing that can easily be laundered. Dry cleaning is difficult to arrange.
  • Bring an electric razor rather than a straight edge.
  • Spending money for use in the hospital canteen. 
  • Identification – Driver’s license, social security card, other ID.
  • Addresses and phone numbers of people you might want to contact.
  • Phone Card - A phone card may be helpful to assist in making calls to family, friends, and others.


  • Anything valuable – The WSH Business Office does provide a safe for small items when it is necessary to bring them. However, since the rooms are all dormitory style, it is best to leave anything valuable at home.
  • Items that could be used to injure oneself or others – No weapons, knives, glass containers, or sharp objects are allowed. Anything that is considered a weapon will be stored until discharge. Any illegal drugs that are found will be turned over to local law enforcement and legal action taken.
  • Medication – In general, it is better to leave previously prescribed medication at home. Please bring information about the medication (type & dosage), but not the actual pills. The doctor will be actively adjusting and perhaps changing the medicine. If you do bring in medication, it will be stored in the hospital pharmacy until discharge. At that time it will be returned to you.
  • TobaccoWSH is a tobacco free facility. Nicorette gum, nicotine patches and smoking cessation classes are available for those people who need help overcoming a tobacco addiction. Neither cigarettes nor chewing tobacco is permitted on grounds.



Upon arrival at the WSH, you will first be seen by the admitting clerk. She will ask you about basic biographical information like date of birth and next of kin, etc... She will also ask you to sign a consent for treatment form, a form to contact Social Security, and some other financial papers. Patients are billed according to their ability to pay. The billing rate considers assets, income and monthly obligations. People who are indigent or unable to pay are still accepted for admission and the cost of their care is covered by the state.

After signing papers with the admitting clerk, you will go to the hall where you will reside. On the hall, you will be introduced to the staff and other patients. You will be assigned a room, probably with a roommate. All newly arrived people are asked to take a shower. Scars and identifying marks will be recorded. Clothing is checked, marked with your name and laundered. A staff member will review the hall procedures and the hall schedule of activities.

The psychiatrist will interview you about the issues that led to admission, your past history and other pertinent information.  After the interview, he will write orders for medication, diet, initial treatments and anything else necessary.

Several people from other disciplines will also do initial assessments with you. These will include the social worker, the psychologist, and the hall nurse. Each of these people focus on a particular area, although some of the questions will be the same. You will be referred to the hospital clinic area for a physical exam by the medical doctor. Basic lab work and a chest x-ray will be done.

The Wyoming State Hospital operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Active treatment is offered 7 days a week by recreational therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, case managers, psychologists and other disciplines as are appropriate. Licensed nursing personnel and certified nursing assistants are always available to help. During the hours when your psychiatrist is off duty, there is always a “doctor-on-call” available for emergencies.