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- Wyoming Trauma Program -

To promote optimal care of the injured patient from the time of injury through rehabilitation through the establishment, enhancement and maintenance of effective emergency medical & trauma care systems! 

Traumatic injury is the #1 killer of Wyoming residents age 1-44 years.

Wyoming’s injury-related death rate is ranked 4th highest in the nation.

Wyoming’s work related injury death rate is ranked 2nd highest in the nation.


Trauma Program Contact Information

Kelli Perrotti, BSN, RN 

Wyoming Trauma Program Manager & Injury Prevention Program Supervisor


Office:  (307) 777-3470

OEMS:  (307) 777-7955  or  (888) 228-8996

What is a Trauma System?


A trauma system is an organized, coordinated effort in a defined geographic area that delivers the full range of care to all injured patients and is integrated with the public health system. The true value of a trauma system is derived from the seamless transition between each phase of patient care, integrating existing resources to achieve improved patient outcomes. 

The success of a trauma system is largely determined by the degree to which it is supported by public policy.


Robust trauma systems are effective. There is a demonstrated 15-20% improved survival rate for patients who are injured in an established trauma system. Care of the injured patient that is delivered at a trauma center hospital is associated with less morbidity and mortality than non-trauma center hospitals. A significant decrease of “preventable” deaths among the severely injured has been identified in regions with an established and functioning trauma system.


 Model Trauma System and Continuum of Care downloadable PDF


Trauma Rules:

W.S. 35-1-801 authorized the Wyoming Department of Health to proceed on the development of a statewide trauma system whose goal is to reduce the epidemic of injury, disability, and death in Wyoming for all ages. Trauma is the leading cause of death for those between the ages 1-44. The trauma program is housed in the Department of Health's Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS).

Since 1993 when the Wyoming legislature passed enabling legislation for the development of a statewide trauma system, the OEMS has taken the lead in trauma system development. Assisted by federal funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration HRSA, a broad based coalition of key players was established to assist the OEMS in developing the statewide plan. A trauma registry software program was selected and placed in every hospital in the state. 

Trauma System Program Rules - This is a link to the Wyoming Secretary of State Website.  In the "Program:" scroll to and click on "Trauma Program, Wyoming" then click on the "Search" button on the lower right.  The chapters will then be listed.  Click on the chapter for information.

Wyoming Designated Trauma Centers

 Wyoming Designated Trauma Centers