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PHIN Project Management

Sheryl Roub, Emergency Preparedness Supervisor
We are responsible for coordinating the design, development, testing, pilot, implementation and maintenance of joint PH&SD & Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program disease informatics projects to ensure system's usability and smooth transition. Projects will involve implementing systems that comply with Public Health Information Network (PHIN) informatics requirements.


PHIN      Public Health Information Network

The Public Health Information Network (PHIN) is a national initiative to improve the capacity of public health to use and exchange information electronically by promoting the use of standards and defining technical requirements. The standards and technical requirements are determined by best practices related to efficient, effective, and interoperable public health information systems that support both routine public health activities and emergency preparedness and response. (

NEDSS - National Electronic Disease Surveillance System

NEDSS, the National Electronic Disease Surveillance System is an initiative that promotes the use of data and information system standards to advance the development of efficient, integrated and interoperable surveillance systems at federal, state and local levels.  This was deployed for Wyoming Department of Health in December, 2006.


STARLIMS - Laboratory Information Management System

STARLIMS v9 is currently in production phase in our Public Health Lab, with a scheduled conversion to STARLIMS v10 in early 2010.  STARLIMS is a web-based off-the-shelf LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) designed for a wide variety of laboratory environments operating in many scientific and industrial disciplines. STARLIMS consolidates disparate business processes into a single, compliant platform with comprehensive reporting, surveillance and networking capabilities

WARN - Wyoming Alert and Response Network

WARN (Wyoming Alert & Response Network) will be used by Wyoming public health officials and strategic partners for alert dissemination and communication utilizing SMS, voice alert, pager notification and mass fax messaging, via a secure Web-based portal. It includes components for Hospital Capacity Tracking, Volunteer Registry and Health Alert Network notification, with the HAN and Volunteer systems deployed in June, 2007, and the Hospital Capacity Tracking system deployed August 10, 2007. 

In August, 2009, Wyoming received PHIN Certification in the area of PHIN Direct Alerting for the WARN WyHAN system.  This demonstrates Wyoming’s commitment to implement PHIN standards and practices that improve our overall capacity to exchange electronic public health information across jurisdictional lines, a benefit during both emergency and day to day operations.

  Immediately report the occurrence of potential public health hazards to the Wyoming Department of Health 24/7 Emergency Notification line: