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WATRS - EMS Continuum of Care

The WATRS - EMS Continuum of Care may be downloaded as a PDF here.  This may also be customized with your agency logo and made into a poster by emailing with your request.

WATRS - Wyoming Ambulance Trip Reporting System

The Wyoming Ambulance Trip Reporting System is available to all Wyoming EMS Agencies at no charge.  The WATRS Next Generation is Wyoming's electronic medical records system Patient Care Report for pre-hospital care.  The WATRS Next Generation is a smart client software providing a single entry system.  Enter the information once, a patient care report is generated, the information is entered and Wyoming Hospitals along with the Wyoming Trauma Programs has access to the report to merge into the Wyoming Patient (Trauma) Registry!

The Wyoming Ambulance Trip Reporting System  provides the following to Wyoming Emergency Medical Services Agencies:

  • A statewide standardized Patient Care Report (electronic medical record for transporting, non-transporting and air ambulances)
  • The Patient Care Report is accessible by every hospital where patients are transported to
  • Provides Patient Care Reports for ground, critical care and neonate transports
  • The Patient Care Report ties into the future web based provider licensing system
  • The Patient Care Report merges into the trauma registry system
  • WATRS has the ability to function in disasters providing for the beginning of a patients continuum of care 
  • Physician Medical Directors have access to all records & agencies they sponsor
  • WATRS has an internal performance improvement system to review and improve care
  • WATRS has report writing capability for all services to evaluate their services and care
  • WATRS has narcotic waste forms to track medications that are wasted
  • The OEMS provides computer that can be washed/submerged in a bleach solution to minimize cross contamination issues
  • A scheduling and inventory component are available
  • Compliance in WATRS provides legal reporting requirements for zoonotic diseases, work place injuries and future integrations.
  • Quality and accurate completion of reports in WATRS satisfies the Rules and Regulations, "Wyoming Emergency Medical Services Act of 1977" W.S. 33-36-101 (2008 Revision), below:
      • Section 4.  Patient Care Reports.  A Patient Care Report (PCR) is required for all requests for service listed on the Division approved PCR's Type of Service section.
        • (a)  Each EMS Agency response shall be recorded on either an electronic or written PCR as approved by the Division.
        • (b) The EMS Agency shall submit electronic or written PCR's to the Division, in the manner proscribed by Division policy, by the tenth day of the month following the provision of service, or within shorter time as the Division may request.
        • (C)The EMS Agency shall leave a PCR with the receiving medical facility at the time of patient drop off or as soon as reasonably possible thereafter.
      • Section 5.  Inspection of Patient Care Reports (PCR).  The Division may inspect the PCR records of any person operating an ambulance service covered by these rules.
      • Section 14.  Patient Care Reports.  All Division and Board approved fire protective services shall submit a patient care reporting form for all patients evaluated/treated by their EMT Basic, EMT Intermediate and Paramedic Personnel.  Each patient report shall be recorded on a report form approved by the Division, disk or hard copies of the completed patient care reports to the Division. These shall be due on the tenth day of the next month or within such shorter time as the Division may request.
      • Section 15.  Inspection of Patient Care Records.  The Division may inspect the records of any Division and Board approved fire protective service covered by these rules.

The Office of Emergency Medical Services is requesting PCR submission within 24 hours from the time of run completion.

All the above is provided at no charge by the Office of Emergency Medical Services  thus saving Wyoming taxpayers a significant pass through cost in local communities.

For more information on the WATRS, please email Jay Ostby at