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Conducting EMS Classes

Emergency Medical Responder "EMR" Programs

If you are certified at the EMT level or higher and would like to coordinate a EMR class in your area, contact the EMS Office for an EMR Course Request form.

Emergency Medical Technician Programs

If you are certified at the EMT level or higher and have attended a Coordinator Development Class offered by the Wyoming EMS Office and would like to offer an EMT class in your area, please complete the EMT course application.

EMT Course applications are available on the Office of Emergency Medical Services Forms webpage at:


EMT Courses, Locations and Start Dates

 Current Course Information

All courses are closed to new students after the proposed start date.
Courses are posted as available, please check back regularly for new courses added.

 Proposed Start Date
(Descending Order)







Eric Quinney

Uinta County FD



Rock Springs
Western Wyoming Community College

Andy Appleby

(307) 872-1326


January 2016


Curte Orde

Centennial Valley Volunteer FD


January 2016


Candy Hoffman

Carbon County Higher Education


January 2016


Keving Dow

Bubba Smith

 Sheridan College Admissions


January 2015


Charlie Retz

Laramie County Community College


January 4, 2016


Becky Mills


January 19, 2016



Russ Christiansen



(307) 268-2693






January 19, 2016


Kevin Neff

(307) 578-2256


December 1, 2015


Brian Lally

(307) 380-2413




Training Programs Offered by the EMS Office


Emergency Medical Responder (EMR):

In accordance with the transition from the Department of Transportation curriculum to Emergency Medical Responder (EMR). Please contact Coleen King at (307) 777-6022 for more details.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT):

This course was developed by the Department of Transportation. The EMT National Standard Curriculum prepares individuals to work for first response groups or ambulance services. The EMT program has added enhancements developed by the State of Wyoming EMS Office. The program is 160 hours in length.

Advance Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT):

The Office of EMS is currently revising the instruction of advanced level courses.  Effective with the fall classes of 2012, there will be only two levels of Intermediate training:

  1. AEMT covers IV/IO; Supraglottic Airways and some medications.
  2. IEMT (is where a person must be an AEMT) and this covers Cardiology, some 12 Lead ECT interpretation, cardiac medications and endotracheal intubation.

Agencies wishing to utilize these courses in their area should contact the Wyoming Office of EMS for information and arrangements.

Instructor/Coordinator Development Class:

This 16 hour program is a prerequisite for anyone interested in coordinating any EMT class in the state of Wyoming. Teaching theory, methodology, practices, and use of various audio-visuals are the core of the program. Instruction provided by J. Steven Ott, PhD. and the EMS staff.