About the Office of Emergency Medical Services

The Office of Emergency Medical Services is responsible for enhancing the statewide Emergency Medical Services system which is designed to reduce the number of deaths in the pre-hospital phase and the severity of critical injuries and illnesses during a medical emergency where time and care make a difference.

Office Location & Mailing Address

Wyoming Department of Health
Public Health Division
Office of Emergency Medical Services
6101 Yellowstone Road
Cheyenne, WY  82002
(307) 777-7955
(888) 228-8996 Toll Free in Wyoming
(307) 777-5639 Fax

Emergency Medical Services Program Staff Email Addresses:

Andy Gienapp, MS, NREMTP, Manager Office of Emergency Medical Services

Email:  Andy.Gienapp@wyo.gov

   Hospital Preparedness Program:

Brittany Wardle

Email:  brittany.wardle@wyo.gov

   Trauma Program:

Kelli Perrotti - Trauma Program Coordinator

E-mail:  kelli.perrotti@wyo.gov

   Support Staff:

Beth Hollingworth, Administrative Specialist

Business Licensing

Ambulance Licensing

EMT Certification

Comfort One




E-Mail:  Beth.Hollingworth@wyo.gov


Emergency Medical Services:


         Brandon Kelley, EMS Education & Compliance Supervisor

Email:  Brandon.Kelley@wyo.gov

 Bob Dean, EMT-P

EMT Intermediate

EMT Paramedic

NREMT Advanced Level Examination Representative

Tactical EMS Training

E-Mail:  Bob.Dean@wyo.gov

Coleen King, EMT-P

          Basic Emergency Care (BEC)


Instructor Coordinator Development Course

Emergency Medical Services for Children

E-Mail:  Coleen.King@wyo.gov 

   EMS Licensure

Scott Logan, EMS Licensing Coordinator

On line licensure project

E-Mail:  Scott.Logan@wyo.gov

   Statistical and Technology:

Jay Ostby, Licensing Officer, Reporting & Data Analyst

Project Coordinator Wyoming Ambulance Trip Reporting System "WATRS Next Generation"

WATRS Compliance & Reporting

WATRS Training

Performance Improvement Training

Technical Support WATRS

Technical Support Patient (Trauma) Registry

Technology Support

Web Design EMS Office

E-Mail:  Jay.Ostby@wyo.gov

 Ambulance Services Contact Information:

 Wyoming EMS Agencies List