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What EMSC Can Do For You

Prehospital Provider Education:

            Information on PEPP classes

            Information for use in CME classes

Injury Prevention Programs:

            Poison Prevention

            Helmet Use

            Contacts for other prevention programs

Provide Pediatric Equipment:

            Broselow Tapes


Pediatric backboards

Pediatric Broselow Bags

Conference Support


What EMSC is working on in 2008:

There are three surveys in various stages of development and collection.   The first deals with pediatric equipment on ambulances; the second is relative to family-centered care. The first is a paper survey. The second is an online survey for which a link has been established. A postcard with the address for the website will be sent out to all Wyoming ambulance services by the first part of February 2008. Simply go to the site and complete the form. That’s it!   The last survey will be completed through a phone call from the EMSC program and will be concerned with on-line and off-line medical direction.   This survey will begin in February as well. All of this information is being collected because of a mandate from the federal government that will show just how well the United States ares taking care of our children.


Important Pediatric Training Needs:    (continuous)

Respiratory     Trauma     Newborn     Children With Special Health Care Needs   Vascular Access

Important Pediatric Equipment Needs:

Broselow tapes or pediwheels     Oxygen Saturation Monitors     Backboards     Appropriate Medication doses    Jump kits