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Annual Summary and Appendices

Data in these reports has been tabulated from birth, death, stillbirth, marriage, divorce and annulment records filed with Vital Statistics Services, and from transcripts of records from other states involving the death of a Wyoming resident or a birth to a mother who was a Wyoming resident. Although events are registered in the state in which they take place, the exchange of records between states allows the compilation of birth, death and stillbirth statistics by state and county of residence. Most of the birth and death information included is presented by place of residence. Headings of individual tables specify resident or occurrence data. Marriage and divorce data is limited to Wyoming occurrences. 

The annual summary is a brief summary of events recorded during the calendar year and provides additional data on the preceding years.

National vital statistics data can be found at or national injury statistics can be found at  

Detailed and County level Data

Historical Tables

Birth Tables
Death Tables
Marriage Tables
Divorce Tables
Definitions and Technical Calculations

Special Reports

Provisional Reports

Our office publishes Provisional Data quarterly to inform the public of the latest birth and death statistics for the state and counties. The birth data includes live births, births to teens, and low birth weight, death data includes deaths, infant deaths, and neonatal deaths.


2014-2015 Provisional Data


2013-2014 Provisional Data

2012-2013 Provisional Data


Data Requests

Any person needing data from Vital Statistics Services is required to complete a data request.  In order to remain HIPAA compliant Vital Statistics Services is required to have documentation when any information is released.

If you have questions regarding Vital Statistics data or how to obtain data please contact 307-777-7632 or send an email.


To obtain Vital Statistics Data, please complete this Data Request Form & send the completed request to:  

Vital Statistics Services
Hathaway Building, First Floor
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When submitting the form please be sure to include all pages.