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Rural Health Clinics

 "Click Here" for information on Quality Health Indicators (QHi) for Rural Health Clinics


Link to CMS's Rural Health Clinic page - "click here"  - This page contains many links to CMS programs pertinent to the RHC program.


Governor's HPSA Designation  This is the letter from HRSA approving the Governor's HPSA designation request

Map of Wyoming showing Governor's HPSA Designation coverage area as well as Geographical HPSAs, MUA/Ps, Rural Health Clinics and Community Health Centers.


Primary Care options - A 31-page document that outlines benefits associated with being a provider based clinic, a rural health clinic, and a federally qualified health center.  Published by Stroudwater Associates.


CMS comparison RHC vs. FQHC - A 46 page HRSA document from 2006 that gives details that may be helpful to those considering establishing a Rural Health Clinic.  Whether you are a hospital, a non-profit practice, or for profit private practice, this information can provide information and additional sources for your decision making process.  Published by CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services)


Starting a Rural Health Clinic - A How-To Manual - A HRSA publication on how to start a Rural Heatlh Clinic.  This is a 166 page document from 2004.  HRSA confirmed on 3/4/2010 that it was the most current. 


CMS Fact Sheet on Rural Health Clinics - A six page brief from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.


CMS Fact Sheet on Federally Qualified Health Centers - A four page brief from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.


Step by step process for Rural Health Clinic Federal Certification  - From the Wyoming Office of Healthcare Licensing and Survey.


List of Wyoming Rural Health Clinics - A listing and contact information for current Rural Health Clinics from the Wyoming Office of Healthcare Licensing and Surveys.


Comparison of RHC vs. CHC (Community Health Center) - a four page document comparing requirements of two clinic models. 


Frequently Asked Questions - A link to Rural Health Information Hub's RHC question and answer page.  This includes an overview of a generic step by step process to become certified as a Rural Health Clinic.  Please note, the Wyoming Office of Healtchare Licensing and Survey's requirements may be different than this, and the Wyoming requirements must be met. 


Mike Bell Rural Health Clinic Presentation June 25, 2010 - Mike is a highly regarded CPA from Spokane, WA and works with over 150 Rural Health Clinics.


Katie Jo Raebel RHC Presentation April 26, 2011 - Katie Jo is a CPA with Mike Bell's office of Wipfli in Spokane, WA.


Tommy Barnhart Rural Health Clinic Presentation May 17 and 18, 2011 - Tommy is with Dixon Hughes Goodman and is highly regarded in Rural Health.


CMS State Operations Manual - 22 page guidance for surveyors to help current and future RHCs know what their surveyor is going to expect.