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Funding Opportunities


The Wyoming Department of Health, Public Health Division (WDH-PHD), is accepting applications from mental health and substance abuse treatment service providers to implement data-driven and evidence-based substance abuse prevention plans that positively impact substance use and mental health. Funded applications will be contracted for approximately an 18-month period from 1/1/2015 through 6/30/2015 with no guarantee of continued funding. Only complete applications will be considered; please read instructions carefully.


Please Click Here to Download the Application

Application is a Microsoft Word Document. If you need this in a different format or have troubles downloading or using the file, please contact Erica Mathews at 307-777-6463 or




Questions - Posted 11/14/2014

1)      What is the total funding available?

Total funding set aside for this project for State Fiscal Year 15-16 is $1,000,000.  Funding shall be granted for directly funded community grants and independent program evaluation.

2)      The maximum award amount per agency/location?

No maximum award was set.  Awards will be based upon need and the number of meritorious applications.

3)      The title on the email stated “Substance Abuse and Suicide Prevention”  yet the description under #1 only discusses “substance abuse prevention plan that positively impacts substance use and mental health.”  Further on in the application suicide is again referenced.  Can you clarify if this is a project to implement a “substance abuse prevention plan” or if this project targets substance abuse, mental health and suicide prevention?

This primary purpose of this grant is to support community-based programs that produce measurable outcomes designed to reduce harm associated with substance abuse.  This may include programs that promote mental health, provided demonstrable behavioral outcomes are generated.

4)      Can you indicate where the funding for this grant is coming from?

Funding is a combination of state general funds and federal funds.

5)      Does the division have an idea of how many projects are going to be funded?

This is dependent upon the number of meritorious applications.




October 8, 2014

Request for Application is released

November 7, 2014

Deadline for written questions sent to

November 14, 2014

Responses to questions posted on this site

November 24, 2014

Community Prevention Grant (CPG) applications due for consideration for funding by CPG review team

December 5, 2014

Wyoming Department of Health begins notifying successful applicants and preparing contracts

January 1, 2014

CPG award period begins (Target date, actual date may be later)