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Wyoming Cardiovascular Disease Coalition






Our Mission:

The CVD Coalition serves as a resource to assist and facilitate state and community

level partnerships to imptove the cardiovascular health of all Wyoming residents.


Wyoming Cardiovascular Disease Coalition

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a broad term which encompasses atherosclerosis,

angina, heart attack, heart failure, hypertensive heart disease and diseases of the arteries, veins,

and circulatory system. Heart disease and stroke continue to be the first and third leading causes

of death for all races/ethnic groups in the United States, while stroke is the number on cause of

disability, and one of the most expensive disabilities to manage. CVD prevention and control is

a process achieved through a partnership of public and private stakeholders whose common

mission is to reduce the overall burden of heart disease and stroke. In 2000 Wyoming formed a

CVD Coalition in order to develop a statewide heart disease and stroke prevention (HDSP) plan

and reduce the burden of heart disease and stroke in our state. After it is unveiled on February

14, 2008, the plan will be reviewed yearly to assess its progress. A state HDSP plan is not a plan

for one organization or a small group of people; it is a plan for people of all ages living in

Wyoming. Stakeholders or people who have interests in or work on heart disease and stroke

prevention and control are needed to implement the plan. This will help ensure the HDSP plan

truly represents Wyoming’s heart disease and stroke prevention and control needs. A HDSP

plan will also help coordinate heart disease and stroke prevention and control activities in

Wyoming so efficient programs and services are delivered to the public. There are many other

uses for a HDSP plan such as requesting or prioritizing funding, developing public policy related

to heart disease and stroke in Wyoming.

There are four workgroups within the coalition: Public Awareness and Prevention,

Advocacy and Policy Development, Diagnosis and Treatment, and Quality of Life and Health

Disparities. During the spring of 2008 a Sroke workgroup will be formed to help address the

burden of stroke in Wyoming. Each workgroup has been asked to implement the action plan

from each goal to address the recommendations for their focus area. These actions plans will

then be evaluated on a regular basis by the CVD Coalition and the Wyoming department of

health’s Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program for impact, effectiveness, and the need for


If you would like to participate in a workgroup please contact the HDSP Program

Manager at the Wyoming Department of Health at (307) 777-3732