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Communicable Disease Unit Manager (307)777-7529 / (307)777-7529 ~ Debi Anderson

Communicable Disease Prevention Program Manager (307)777-3562 ~Tai Cooper

               *Previously the STD/TB/Viral Hepatitis Program*

Communicable Disease Services Program Manager (307)777-5856 ~ VACANT: contact Debi Anderson

                *Previously the HIV Services Program*

Communicable Disease Surveillance Program Manager (307)777-2434 ~ Courtney Smith

                  *Previously the HIV Surveillance Program*


Field Epidemiologists: 

          Ashley Grajczyk - 307-777-8005        *Provider outreach and education/Hepatitis Program Coordinator*

          Julie Newlin - 307-777-6563             *High Risk Population Prevention Specialist*

          Molly Adami - 307-777-8939             *Individual Level Risk Prevention Specialist*


Communicable Disease Program Specialist (307)777-7719 ~ Corrie Graham

Communicable Disease Benefits Coordinator (307)777-5800 ~ Toni Reeves

Communicable Disease Training and Data Manager (307)777-7953 ~VACANT (contact Courtney Smith)