This program is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to provide FREE breast and cervical cancer screening exams to Wyoming women who meet certain guidelines for enrollment in the program. Enrollment criteria include:

  • Age: 50 to 64 years - no risk factors required
  • Age: 30 to 49 if no Pap test in past 5 years
  • Income: at or below 250% of federal poverty guidelines
  • Insurance: no insurance coverage, including Medicaid

Medical assistance through Medicaid is available for most women enrolled in our program if found to have breast or cervical cancer, including pre-cancerous conditions.

The Wyoming Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program has a list of available contract healthcare providers in all 23 counties who are reimbursed for breast and cervical cancer screening exams and diagnostic services.


Application and other information:

Got questions? E-mail our staff!
  • Enrollment questions? Contact our Enrollment Specialist, Sencion.
  • Questions about breast or cervical issues? The Treatment Act? Contact our Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Carolyn.
  • Need program data? Contact our Data Specialist, Lieve.
  • Billing questions? Contact our billing specialist, Nicole.
  • If you have a question about reminder letters, contact Nicole.
  • Looking for program materials or creative ways to reach women who might qualify for the program? Contact our Professional Development and Recruitment Coordinator, Denise.
  • Need to talk to our Program Manager? Contact Carol.

Or, call us with your questions at 1-800-264-1296!