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Pursuant to Wyoming Statute 35-1-240(a)(vii), to assist the physicians within the State of Wyoming in identifying and preventing lead poisoning, all human blood lead level (BLL) test results of Wyoming residents shall be reported to the Wyoming Department of Health effective January 1, 1995. All BLL >45µg/dL shall be reported within 24 hours of laboratory confirmation; all BLL<45µg/dL shall be reported bi-weekly.

All laboratories performing blood lead analysis of Wyoming residents shall report the following:

1. Patient name, birth date, race/ethnicity.
2. Client (physician or laboratory) name, address, and telephone number.
3. Blood lead level in µg/dL and sample type (capillary or venous).
4. Sample date or analysis verification date.
5. Occupation and employer (adults) or parent and legal guardian (children).

Reports shall be sent by mail, telephone, FAX, modem or other electronic means approved by the Department to:

Lead Project Coordinator
Wyoming Department of Health
6101 Yellowstone Road, Ste #510
Cheyenne, WY 82002
Telephone: (307)777-6015
Confidential FAX: (307)777-5402