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Culture Change in Nursing Homes

Food Code 2009

Mammography compliance questions:
      Deborah McGee
      Food and Drug Administration
      4040 North Central Expressway, Suite 900
      Dallas, Texas 75204
      (214) 254-4935Fax: (214) 253-4960

Mammography inspections and related questions:
      Regional Radiation Specialist
      Robert Antonsen, Jr
      (303) 236-3025
      FDA MQSA Certification
      FDA MQSA Facility Hotline at 1-800-838-7715

Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS)

QIO Acronyms

State Operations Manual (CMS) - Appendix Index

State Operations Manual (CMS) - Appendix PP - Long Term Care Facilities

Survey and Certifcation Letters (CMS)

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