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Healthcare Facility Construction                                       

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Final Plan Review of Minor Projects:
For minor projects, the final plan review by Healthcare Licensing and Surveys will be optional rather than required.  Minor projects are those which will not affect 50 percent or more of a smoke compartment; not affect 50 percent or more of the building; and not affect more than 4,500 square feet of the entire facility.  For more details, read Procedure C-028.

Construction Forms and Policies: General
      Design Professional Seals for Deferred Plan Submittals (Policy C-027)
      Fire Alarm System Record of Completion (HLS/Con-106)
      Fire/Explosion/Life Safety Code Incident/Accident Report: (HLS/Con-120)
      Guidelines for an Acceptable Plan of Correction (HLS/Con-108)
      Healthcare Facility Final Plan Review Application (HLS/Con-110)
      Healthcare Facility Request for Variance (HLS/Con-119)

      Healthcare Facility Request for Final Inspection (HLS/Con-111)
      Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) (HLS/Con-114)
      Minor Project Final Plan Review Procedure (Policy C-028)
      Waiver Criteria for Construction Plan Reviews (Policy C-016)

Construction Fo
rms and Policies: Third-Party Plan Review and Inspection
Healthcare facility owners have the option of either utilizing the Department or an approved third-party plan reviewer and/or interim inspector (at the facility’s expense).  Facilities are not required to utilize third-party plan reviewers and/or interim inspectors.  If a facility chooses to have the Department conduct their plan review and/or interim inspections, these will be prioritized by order of receipt in the Healthcare Licensing and Surveys office.
      Plan Review and Inspection (Policy C-007)
      Registered Third-Party Reviewers and Inspectors (HLS/Con-117)

      Sample Third-Party Contract (HLS/Con-113)
      Third-Party Healthcare Facility Application (HLS/Con-112)  
      Third-Party Plan Reviewer/Inspector Application (HLS/Con-102)

      Third-Party Application Instructions (HLS/Con-102-Ins)

Jurisdiction-Some Wyoming municipalities have requested jurisdiction over healthcare facility construction.  When possible, these requests (which apply only to final plan reviews and inspections related to the International Building Codes) have been granted.  The option to use a third-party reviewer and/or interim inspector does not apply in those jurisdictions.  The Department will continue to review and approve all preliminary plan submissions.  In addition, the Department will continue to perform all final licensure and Life Safety Code inspections.  List of Jurisdictions delegated plan review and inspection responsibilities.


Rules and Regulations

Chapter 3, Construction Rules and Regulations for Healthcare Facilities (effective 04-03-08)
Chapter 3 Guidelines

Chapter 21, Procedures for Informal Conference on Appeal of Agency Decision and Procedures for Formal Administrative Hearings on Appeal of Agency Decision (effective 09-07-10)