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Rehabilitation Facility – Wyoming Licensure Information

The definition of a Rehabilitation Facility is an outpatient facility which is operated for the primary purpose of assisting the rehabilitation of disabled persons by providing comprehensive medical evaluations and services, psychological and social services, or vocation evaluations and training or any combination of these services and in which the major portion of the services is furnished within the facility.

A valid state license is required prior to providing care to any clients.

Following are the requirements and procedures through which your agency may be approved to be licensed as a provider of Rehabilitation Facility services.
Click below for a license application for State licensure.  Please fill out the application in its entirety and submit to our office, along with the required fee.  After reviewing the regulations, please contact one of our engineers at (307) 777-7123 to discuss the building requirements and any construction review approval process.  Once we have approved these items, a provisional license will be issued, and you will be able to start providing services to clients/patients/residents.
When you have clients for which you are providing services, your agency must request, in writing, that a health survey be conducted.  An unannounced survey will be provided by state surveyors as soon as scheduling permits.
A valid license permits an applicant to operate a healthcare facility in Wyoming.  It does not enroll or certify a provider or supplier of healthcare services to participate in federal certification programs (Medicare/Medicaid).


General License Application Instructions

Licensure Checklist

Healthcare Facility License Application

Rehabilitation Facility Rule
Chapter 16 (Licensure) - 08-25-1997

Healthcare Facility Construction Rule
Chapter 3 - 04-03-2008
Chapter 3 Guidelines