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Educational Materials

Five-Star Nursing Home Quality Rating System - Questions & Answers (Dec 2008)

MDS Teleconferences:
      Critical Thinking for the MDS Clinical Team: Understanding the Significant Change in Status Process (Sept 2008)  PDF
      Enhancing Person-Centered Care through MDS 3.0 Assessment Accuracy (Sept 2013)  PDF
      Getting Ready for the MDS 3.0 #1 (Mar 2010)  PDF
      Getting Ready for the MDS 3.0 #2 (May 2010)  PDF
      Getting Ready for the MDS 3.0 #3 (July 2010)  PDF
      Getting Ready for the MDS 3.0 #4 (Aug 2010)  PDF
      Getting Ready for the MDS 3.0 #5 (Sept 2010)
            Hand-out 1 (Section Q)  PDF
            Hand-out 2 (Section V)  PDF
      Getting Ready for the MDS 3.0 #6 (Oct 2010)
            Hand-out 1  PDF
            Hand-out 2  PDF
            Hand-out 3 (Section M)  PDF
            Hand-out 4  PDF
            Hand-out 5 (Transition Process)  PDF
      Quality of Life and the MDS (Sept 2009)  PDF
            MDS 3.0 Implementation Timeline for Oct 2010
      Survey Deficiencies and Related MDS Coding Errors (Mar 2009)   PDF   PowerPoint
      Updates for Quality of Care and Beyond (Sept 2011)  PDF
      Updates (Mar 2012 Teleconference) PDF
      Updates on Quality Measures and the Five Star Program (Content Change from MDS Updates) (Sept 2012)
            Hand-Out  PDF
What's New from CMS, and Effectively Linking CAAs to the Care Planning Process (Mar 2013)
            Hand-Out: Res Assessment and Care Screening  PDF
            What's New from CMS...  PDF
      Ensuring Accuracy of ADL Coding on MDS 3.0 (Mar 2014)   Hand-Out 1   Hand-Out 2
      Keys to Success with Section I and O of MDS 3.0 (Aug 2014)   PDF
      Coding Challenges (March 2015)   PowerPoint (PDF Format)
      Scheduling for OBRA and PPS (Sept 2015) Hand-Out


      Nutrition Support Assistant Program and Training Manual (Feb 2007)


      Data Collection: Time Points, Patient Populations & Regulations (Sept 2008)
      Revisions - What to Do Now... What to do Later... (Sept 2009)
      Clarifications: Initial Assessment Visits, Comprehensive Assessment Time Points, and Wound Related Data Collection
            (Sept 2010)
      It's all about Timing and Assessments (Sept 2011):
            Hand-OutTest - Test Key

      Process Measures and their Impact on Care Transitions (August 2012):
            Hand-Out 1     Hand-Out 2

      Time for a Check-Up (March 2015)  Hand-Out 

Other Training

      Optimize Prescribing and Avoid Adverse Drug Events in Elderly Patients (Oct 2012)
      Presenter: James Mittelberger, MD, MPH, CMD, FCAP