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News from Wyoming Department of Health

Prostate Cancer Awareness Needed Among Wyoming Men


September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Because prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and a leading cause of cancer deaths among men, heightened awareness of prostate cancer is important to help Wyoming’s men make informed decisions regarding prostate cancer screening and treatment.

“Men need to make informed decisions about the known risks and potential benefits of prostate cancer screening as it relates to their own personal risks and priorities,” said Dr. Wendy Braund, state health officer and Public Health Division senior administrator with the Wyoming Department of Health.

“We recommend men talk to their doctor about their personal prostate screening and treatment decisions,” Braund said.

There were 403 new cases of prostate cancer diagnosed in Wyoming in 2010. Factors that may affect a man’s chance of developing prostate cancer include race, diet, general health and family history. Prostate cancer is most commonly diagnosed in men over 65, but can affect men at any age.

The Wyoming Comprehensive Cancer Control Consortium created a Prostate Cancer Task Force in 2010 to support Wyoming men with informed decision-making regarding prostate cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment and survivorship issues. Task force efforts have lead to the creation of a prostate cancer education toolkit. To request a toolkit, please visit and click on the “Cancer Resources” tab or contact Jessica Perez at

Rob Johnson, chairman of the task force and a prostate cancer survivor for nine years, said, “The more people are aware of this disease and the more they are educated, the better decisions they can make. It’s also important for prostate cancer survivors to feel like they are not alone when battling the disease.”

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