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Children's Waiver Manual

  (all documents are in pdf)

Provider Manual

Table of Contents


Most Desirable Provider Qualities



Explanation of Waiver

Overview of Guiding Principles

Child and Adolescent Service System Principles (CASSP)

Wraparound Process

Roles and Responsibilities of Entities Involved with the Waiver Program

Rights and Responsibilities of Waiver Participants

Rights and Responsibilities of Family Care Team Members

          Waiver Application flowchart

          Waiver Program Service Initiation flowchart

          Wait list policy


Section 1: Assessments and CASII Evaluations 

Assessment Reports

          Level of Care Re-evaluation

          CASII Requirements for Children’s Mental Health Waiver Program


Section 2: Individual Service Plan/Budget

          Guidance re: Waiver Services

Planning and Development of Initial Individual Service Plan

Guide to Assist Family Care Coordinator in Explaining Process for Initial ISP Development 

Planning and Development of Quarterly Individual Service Plans

Guide to Assist Family Care Coordinator in Explaining Process for Quarterly ISP Development

 Psychotropic Medication Form


Section 3: Exceptional Service Plan Requests


Section 4: Implementation, Documentation, and Reporting      of Outcome Objectives and Crisis Plans 

Waiver Service Initiation flowchart

Service Provision flowchart

Service Reporting flowchart

Family Care Coordinator Forms Guide

Waiver Service Provider Forms Guide

Examples of Completed Forms


Section 5: Transition Planning 

Out of Home Care

Waiver Discharge


Section 6: Convening a Family Care Team Meeting 


Section 7: Service Plan Modifications 

Service Plan Modifications

Changes in ISP Service Providers/Units  

Scenarios for ISP Service or Unit Changes


Section 8: Training re: Protections from Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation (Specific to Family Care Coordinators)

          Proceedure for Protections from Abuse Neglect & Exploitation

           FCC Primer on Child Protection


Section 9: Provider Choice

        Youth and Family Choice of Provider Process

          Transition with Change in Waiver Provider

            Transition with Change in Waiver Provider Service Providers Table 

               Provider Transition Checklist


Section 10: Psychotropic Medication Consents

Questions for Parents to Ask re: Psychiatric Medications for Children & Adolescents

Letter to Prescriber


Section 11: Notice of Incident Documentation and Reporting

Incident Report Processing flowchart – Waiver Providers

Incident Report Processing flowchart – Waiver Program


Section 12: Complaint Reporting

Complaint Process flowchart

Complaint form


Section 13: Service Retention and Termination

          Service Retention and Termination 

          Waiver Discharge


Section 14: Program Records Management


Importance of Proper Recordkeeping and Documentation

          Legal Documentation Standards

          Legal Documentation Practices

          Legal Documentation Don’ts

          File Organization Outline

          Waiver Records Retention Schedule

Wyoming Department of Health Notice of Privacy Practices 


Section 15: Billing

        Waiver Guidelines for Billable Functions and Activities

          Waiver Service Provider Billing Overview

          Billing Resources


Section 16: Quality Management 


Section 17: Re-Certification


Section 18: Appeals and Hearings


Section 19: Waiver Forms

See Waiver Provider Program Forms section and links


Information and Resources

What is Family Driven Care?

Why are Families so Valuable?


Youth Tips

Who is the Family Care Team?

Considerations for Child/Family Assessment

Assessment Concepts

Questions to Ask to Discover Strengths and Cultures

Concepts to Consider re: Service Planning

Concepts to Consider re: Services and Outcomes

Role of the Facilitator

Tips to Facilitating a Good Meeting

Family Care Coordinator Time Frames

Family Care Team Members Time Frames


KidCare CHIP

KidCare CHIP 2

Administrative Transportation

EqualityCare Travel Call Center information

Equality Care Bulletin re: Interpretation Services