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Wyoming Gaps Reports


The Mental Health and Substance Abuse Divisions are pleased to release the findings their 2006 Gaps Analysis Reports on the status of Wyoming's public mental health and substance abuse services. These reports are intended to provide information that is useful for system of care planning and for promoting the transformation of mental health and substance abuse services in Wyoming, as envisioned in Enrolled Act 0021 (HB 91).

The Gaps Analysis Reports provides an overview of existing core mental health services being delivered in each Community Mental Health Center and Substance Abuse Center, as well as a description of existing specialized mental health and substance abuse services which are available in each Center and their region. Information on the number of clients who receive services, and the types of services received is provided. This data analysis provides a clear illustration of the existing mental health and substance abuse service delivery system. The information in these reports will assist the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Divisions in fulfilling the vision of the new legislation contained in Enrolled Act 0021 through the development of comparable and accessible services statewide. It will promote the transformation of Wyoming’s mental health and substance abuse systems to achieve the goal of providing recovery-based, outcome-oriented, cost-effective services.

These reports were compiled and produced by Nancy M. Callahan, Ph.D., and John K. Whitbeck, Ph.D., I.D.E.A. Consulting in collaboration with Marla Smith, M.A., Assistant Administrator for Accountability Systems, Wyoming Divisions of Mental Health and Substance Abuse.


Wyoming Mental Health Gaps Report
Wyoming Substance Abuse Gaps Report 
Wyoming Gaps Executive Summaries