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Title 25—Emergency Detention and Involuntary Hospitalization of Persons with Mental Illness


 Navigating Wyoming’s Emergency Detention Process:
Information for you and your family

This booklet summarizes the processes related to emergency detention as defined and described in Wyoming State Statute 25-10-109. The booklet is not intended to replace legal council. It is intended to provide consumers, family, and the community with a summary of the processes required by state law. 


Click Here to view “Navigating Wyoming’s Emergency Detention Process: Information for you and your family.” The document does not print well.  Please email to receive printed copies in booklet form.


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  • Click Here for a summary of what is contained in Title 25 Chapter 10.





     2009 Title 25 Study on Involuntary Hospitalizations

  • Title 25 provides a foundation and structure for the State of Wyoming to evaluate, detain, and hospitalize persons who with acute mentally illness. Several different county, state, and private agencies and organizations are involved in the Title 25 process in order to ensure that client’s rights are protected and that there is consistency in the treatment of persons when they are the most vulnerable. The Title 25 process requires that these agencies collaborate and coordinate services to ensure timely and humane interactions with individuals who are a danger to self, danger to others, or unable to satisfy basic needs as a result of a mental illness.

    The Wyoming Department of Health identified the need to review the Title 25 process and discover areas for strengthening the system to promote a stronger, more coordinated system of care for persons experiencing an acute psychiatric episode.  

    Click here to view the final 2009 “Title 25: Stakeholder Recommendation Report


    Financial Affidavit

    Wyo. Stat. §25-10-112(d) describes the process for hospitals and other treatment providers to recover costs related to involuntary detention and involuntary hospitalization. Within that statute the hospital or other treatment provider shall have discharged its obligation to recover costs if it has obtained or made reasonable effort to obtain from the patient or the patient's legally designated representative an affidavit showing the patient is unable to pay and/or does not have a health coverage plan that will pay. Click here to view a sample financial affidavit. 




    Psychiatric Advanced Directives

    Wyoming State Statute 35-22-301 through 35-22-308 defines the criteria for Psychiatric Advance Directives.  A Psychiatric Advance Directive allows people to make advance treatment decisions while they are stable and able to make treatment decisions which will guide their treatment should they become unstable. The focus of the law is on stabilization of the person and restoration to competence. 

    Click Here for a form that may be used for this purpose.   

    To learn more about Wyoming’s Psychiatric Advance Directives please also visit

    For more information please call 1-800-535-4006.