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SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access, and Recovery (SOAR)

Current SOAR Trainings

The Wyoming Department of Health, Behavioral Health Division is sponsoring free SOAR training. The curriculum has been revised to increase the training to three days and incorporate hands on components that foster the skills necessary to complete an SSDI/SSI application correctly and enhance the case managers ability to write medical summary reports. 

Registration and acceptance to the training are required.
There is no cost for the training.  Travel costs are the participant's responsibility.

  No SOAR trainings are currently scheduled.


Information about SOAR Online Training

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Information about SOAR

Access SAMHSA's SOAR Application Toolbox Here: 


The SSI/SSDI application process is complicated and difficult to navigate, especially for people who are homeless or who are returning to the community from institutions (jails, prisons, or hospitals).  For those who have a mental illness, substance use issues, or co-occurring disorders that impair cognition, the application process creates an even greater challenge. 

Nationally, only 37% of all disability applications are approved at the initial claim level.  Using the SOAR process, the approval rate has increased approvals to 60-95%.  In Wyoming, the approval rate is currently at 92% with an average approval time of 85 days. For hospitals, the amount of uncompensated care is reduced when patients begin receiving Medicaid or Medicare. This training is designed for discharge planners, social workers, case managers, and client advocates who work directly with clients. 

Learn more with this SOAR Fact Sheet  
Wyoming SOAR Network Newsletters
   June 2013
For more information please contact:
Regina Dodson
Recovery Support Specialist
Wyoming Department of Health
Behavioral Health Division
6101 Yellowstone Rd. Suite 220
Cheyenne, WY 82002
Phone: 307-777-6494
Generic SOAR training registration form:

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