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Behavioral Health Division

Rules and Regulations for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services


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THE FOLLOWING IS NOT CURRENT and is here for draft purposes.


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Public notice is hereby given that the Wyoming Department of Health intends to file New Rules pursuant to W.S. §§ 7-13-1601 through 1615, W.S. § 9-2-102, W.S. § 9-2-2701, W.S. §§ 35-1-611 through 627; 2013 Wyoming Session Laws 206 and the Wyoming Administrative Procedure Act at W.S. §§ 16-3-101 through 115.   Upon filing of these new Rules with the Secretary of State they will supersede the Behavioral Health – Personnel and Program Quality Rules, dated February 1992, Community Program – Mental Health and Substance Abuse Program Rules dated April 1993 and Chapters 1 through 8, Rules and Regulations for Substance Abuse Standards dated 2009.  These New Rules meet minimum substantive state statutory requirements.


Chapters 1 through 8, Rules and Regulations of the Behavioral Health Division

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

The Department is promulgating the above referenced Rules to condense the following current three (3) program sets of rules, Behavioral Health-Personnel and Program Quality Rules; Community Program-Mental Health and Substance Abuse Program Rules; and, Rules and Regulations for Substance Abuse Standards into one program which will now be titled Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.  This change will make the rules more accessible to the public, update processes and procedures in current rules, minimize regulatory requirements while maintaining statutorily required functions, and will comply with 2013 Wyoming Session Laws 206 which require the Department to establish rules which state that payment for mental health and substance abuse services shall only be paid to entities that are nationally accredited.

These Rules will  prescribe eligibility requirements to apply for funding by the Department for mental health and substance abuse treatment services and define the process for review and selection of recipients of funding; establish certification processes and minimum operational standards for providers of behavioral health treatment services funded by the Department and for providers which provide substance abuse services to persons referred or ordered by the court for treatment services;  provide complaint and investigation processes for certified providers of mental health and substance abuse services; establish professional standards for personnel and quality of mental health and substance abuse services  purchased by the Division;  prescribe standards for court supervised treatment programs; and establish standards for community substance abuse prevention services.

A copy of the rules may be found below. 


   The following documents are saved in Adobe PDF format. 

Chapter 1: General Provisions

Chapter 2: Provider Certification

Chapter 3: Application for Funds and Selection of Providers

Chapter 4: Substance Abuse Treatment Standards

Chapter 5: Complaints

Chapter 6: Professional Standards for Personnel and Service Quality

Chapter 7: Court Supervised Treatment Programs

Chapter 8: Prevention Services 

Current rules may be found on the Wyoming Secretary of State Website:

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