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 Tax Refund for
Elderly & Disabled

Contact Information:


460 Hathaway Building, Cheyenne, WY   82002

FAX# 1-307-777-5896





Tax Refund for Elderly & Disabled Hotline: 866-989-8901




The Wyoming Tax Refund for Elderly & Disabled program was established in 1976 to financially help qualified elderly and disabled individuals by providing an annual refund of sales and use taxes, property taxes and utility/energy costs. By statute, these refunds must be mailed on or before December 20 each year for those whom have been qualified.


Program requirements

Those eligible, by statute, for this program are individuals who are 65 years of age or older, or (18) years of age or older and totally (100 percent) disabled for one full year prior to the date of application. 

Age: Applicants must be age 65 or 18 by December 31 of the calendar year 2014.


Income limits: For single individuals the limit is $17,500, and for married couples it is $28,500 for 2014.


Income information required to be sent with the applications is listed on the “Income Verification Worksheet.” For the 2015 application year we need income for the year 2014.


Residency:  Applicants must meet the residency requirement, which means they must have lived in Wyoming for the full 12 months prior to date of application.


Assets: The total household assets of all property must not exceed $30,279.00 per adult member of the household. This does not include land and the buildings and structures placed on that land for one residence and one car per adult in the household. (As the statutes and rules and regulations are quite lengthy for assets, please see page 10 of the presentation for complete guidelines.)


Refund Amounts: The amount of refund can be up to $800 for qualified single individuals, and up to $900 for a married couple, depending upon the total income determined by the department.


Refund amounts are reduced by the dollar amount received by the applicant for the preceding calendar year from any VA exemption, which is provided by local county assessor’s office, a property tax refund, which is provided by the Department of Revenue, or a homeowner’s tax credit which is given by Teton County only.



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