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Wyoming Department of Health Office of Privacy, Security and Contracts

Dallas Lain, Administrator
Jill Reinking, Contracts, Rules and Special Projects Manager

The mission of the WDH Office of Privacy, Security, and Contracts is to promote, protect and enhance the stewardship of the department's information collection, maintenance and use, in furtherance of the larger mission of the organization.

Privacy and Security
WDH creates, receives, maintains and transmits a large amount of information, including personally identifiable information and protected health information. The OPSC supports WDH programs and facilities in making sure that information is only used and disclosed as allowed by law and making sure that information is adequately protected.

Individual (Client) Records Requests
If you want to request your health records from a WDH facility or program, you can use the forms in the "WDH Privacy Forms" section below. If you need help determining which facility or program may have your health records or which form you should use, you can contact the OPSC by email at or
 by phone at 307-777-2990.

Public Records Requests
The OPSC processes requests made under the Wyoming Public Records Act. If you would like to request public records from WDH, please contact the WDH contracts/rules/special projects manager by email at or by phone at 307-777-8028. 

Notice of Privacy Practices

This important notice advises WDH clients of how WDH uses their health information and their rights regarding their health information.

Notice of Privacy Practices

Notice of Privacy Practices - Spanish language version

WDH Privacy Forms

Public Record Request Fee Schedule

F-005; Access to Records

F-005a; Access to Immunization Records

F-009; Amendment Request

F-011; Use or Disclosure Authorization

F-012; Use or Disclosure Restriction

F-014; Accounting of Disclosures Request

WDH Privacy Policies

If you would like a copy of a WDH privacy and security policy, please send your request by email to


More Information on Federal Privacy Rule