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Presumptive Eligibility (PE)

Presumptive Eligibility (PE) is a Medicaid option designed to improve a pregnant woman's access to temporary outpatient services while her eligibility for Medicaid benefits is being determined. If determined eligible for PE, a pregnant woman can have access to outpatient services through a Medicaid provider for up to 60 days. 

A pregnant woman must be:


What does the PE program cost?

There are no co-payments or premium costs for the Medicaid PE program.


How do I apply?

Visit your local Qualified Provider to complete the Presumptive Eligibility Online Application.


What do I need to apply? 

  • Provide a Social Security Number
  • Estimated due date



 *If you would like to become a Qualified Provider or if you would like training materials related to the PE program, please click here.