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Emergency Services (ES)

The Emergency Services program may be able to cover expenses for Wyoming’s Families and Children who are either undocumented immigrants or ineligible immigrants. This is not a full medical assistance program. Benefits are limited to emergency services.  Emergency services may be covered from the time treatment is first given for a condition until that same condition is no longer considered an emergency. These services must be determined as an emergency by the Medicaid program.

You must be:                                
  • Eligible for a Medicaid program, with the exception of the citizenship, identity and Social Security Number requirements.

What does Medicaid’s Emergency Services program cost?

A co-payment may be required for adults 21 years of age or older on Medicaid's Emergency Services program.


How do I apply?

You may apply online at, download a Medicaid Application in English or Spanish or contact the Customer Service Center at 855-294-2127.