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One of the greatest failings in current medical practice is due to providers having such high patient loads, causing patients to often miss important tests and follow up visits. This results in care not being provided in the most cost effective setting, the primary care office.  Thereby, often providing care in the more expensive emergency rooms and with greater complications. 

The Department of Health Total Health Record (THR) is an ONC certified Electronic Health Record (EHR) that is critical to improving not only the efficiency, but also the cost effectiveness of Wyoming’s Health Care. The THR is a system supported by a web-based EHR that allows current medical guidance, allergies, diagnoses, procedures, lab work, etc. to be on-line, real time, available to all providers involved in a client’s care. The THR provides patients, their Medicaid providers, and appropriate Medicaid staff the ability to view online a broad range of information pertaining to the patient’s health conditions, treatments, and medical history.

CCD Viewer (Continuity of Care Document)  offers access to providers to review Medicaid patient information in real time including immunizations, family history, prescriptions, and procedures.  

The THR also offers a gateway designed to have interoperability with other EHR’s, and can be expanded to other payers in addition to Medicaid. This is a system that will help health care providers work more efficiently, to ensure their patients are meeting current parameters in the treatment of chronic disease, and to help more efficiently use their staff’s time to order and follow up on these tests.This gateway will allow providers the access for reporting Public Health measures as required to meet meaningful use.   

The overall goal of the THR is to integrate patient-centered and preventive care into the electronic THR in order to emphasize pro-active quality care as a component of provider reimbursement and to facilitate an integrated team approach to managing each patient’s healthcare. The specific goals of the THR are to:

  • Improve the quality of care provided to patients by use of electronic tools that support the coordination of services across the continuum of care, the medical home, and specialty care providers.
  • Enhance opportunities for continuous care improvement and at the same time reduce wasteful use of resources.
  • Promote adoption of evidence-based care through increased awareness of and participation in available disease management protocols, aimed at improving health outcomes and preventing further disease complications among patients.
  • Integrate Wyoming Department of Health’s existing information technology infrastructure.

Through the patient portal on the THR, patients will have user-friendly access to their personalized healthcare information in one location, and access to healthcare professionals and educational materials. As a result, the emphasis on improving care management and distinctive health outcomes, along with the reduction in duplicative or unnecessary services, will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Medicaid Program and ultimately lower Medicaid costs.

Wyoming Medicaid EHR Incentive Program launched in December 2012. More information can be found at