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Health Check  - Health Check is a program for children ages birth through twenty (20) years.


  •       What is Health Check?

    Why are regular checkups important?

    Health Check Exams are important to your child's health.  Many health problems begin before your child looks or feels sick.  Regular Health Check exams can find problems and treat them before they get worse. 

    Wyoming Medicaid will pay for all Health Check screening exams and for all authorized follow-up care and treatment as long as your child is receiving Medicaid and is age birth through twenty (20) years. Below are services that qualify as a Health Check:

  • Health Check Brochure

  • Head to Toe Physical Exam
  • Immunizations (shots)
  • Lab Tests (Blood Tests and Lead Screening)
  • Growth and Developmental Check
  • Nutrition Check (Eating Habits)
  • Eye Exam
  • Providers 
  • Health Information
  • Mental/Behavioral Health Assessment
  • Other Health Care You Need (prescribed by your physician and approved by Medicaid)
  • Teen-age Health Education
  • Teen Pregnancy Services