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The State of Wyoming, Department of health, Division of Healthcare Financing (DHCF) invites vendors to respond to the attached Vendor Questionnaire.  The Vendor Questionnaire is being issued with the intent of collecting information, comments, suggestions, recommendations, best practices/lessons learned, cost considerations, and creative ideas for approaches to the State's Medicaid claims processing function and related Medicaid administrative services.  The State does not currently anticipate purchasing a Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS).  Instead, it would like to purchase services (not systems) for Medicaid functions typically managed through an MMIS.  Responses will help inform the future procurement effort including related RFP(s).

DHCF will accept written questions related to the Vendor Questionnaire based on the stated schedule and using the process outlined in the Vendor Questionnaire.

In advance, we appreciate your response to this Vendor Questionnaire.

If you are not the best point of contact, please forward this notification to the appropriate person(s).

Thank you,

Kathy Olbekson

MMIS Special Projects Contract Manager

WY MMIS Project Team





Contact Information:

Division of Healthcare Financing
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Cheyenne, WY  82002

Telephone:  (307) 777-7531
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