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How do I reapply for Kid Care CHIP once my 12 months of eligibility is finished?

There are 2 ways to reapply for Kid Care CHIP:

1.)      Sixty days (60) prior to your child's end date a letter and a Renewal Form will be sent to you by Kid Care CHIP.  You will need to complete the form sign it and mail it or fax it back to Kid Care CHIP by the date specified on the renewal form.  You may also reapply online at

2.)      You can call our office and renew over the phone. Once you receive the renewal letter, call our office and we will take your renewal information over the phone in about 5 minutes.

Kid Care CHIP will process your renewal and send you a letter informing you if your child is eligible for another year of coverage.

If we receive the form after our deadline, your child may miss out on a month of coverage.