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Kid Care CHIP provides affordable health insurance including check-ups, dentist, visits, vision care, prescriptions and more.



Coverages and Cost


Immunizations are covered by Kid Care CHIP with no co-pay.

Please call a Kid Care CHIP provider for an appointment today.

Get Vaccinated with Elmo

See what Elmo and Surgeon General Murthy have to say about vaccinations.



Think Teeth

Help your kids have healthy and strong teeth.   See Kid Care CHIP's Live Healthy page for more information.

Reporting Kid Care CHIP on 2014 Taxes

Your children met the minimum essential coverage if they were covered by Kid Care CHIP for the full year of 2014. You will not receive a 1095 form from Kid Care CHIP. Please self attest to this coverage. If all members of your household met minimum essential coverage for the entirety of 2014 please check the box on line 61 of your 1040. For more information visit

Anthem Health Data Breach

If you or your child has been affected by the Anthem Health Insurance data breach you will be contacted via mail within 6 weeks. Anthem Health Insurance is providing identity theft protection for all those affected. Please visit the site or call 877-263-7995 for more information.