Answers to Common Questions




Q: How long does the application process take?


A: Applications can take up to 45 days to process. Incomplete applications can be delayed until completed. Be sure to complete all sections of the application and submit all necessary supporting documents.

Applications received through the Wyoming Eligibility System (WES) on-line or via the phone generally are processed in a shorter timeframe than the applications received via mail. Applications can take up to 45 days to process.

When phase two of the new Wyoming Eligibility System (WES) is implemented, in most situations you will be able to receive real-time determinations  


Q: What supporting documents do I need to provide?


A: Currently when your child is determined eligible, you will need to provide us with your child’s birth certificate and social security number. You can mail or fax these documents to us.



Q: Will I need to supply a C.I.B.?


A: If your child is Native American we will need the C.I.B. within 90 days. If we do not receive this document within 90 days your child will be placed into the appropriate cost share plan based on income.



Q: Will my child’s coverage be cancelled if I can’t provide income, citizenship or C.I.B. documentation?


A: Yes. If these documents are requested, you will need to supply them to us within 90 days to maintain your child’s health coverage.  



Q: How will I be notified if my children are enrolled into the program?


A: You will receive a letter from the Wyoming Department of Health stating that your child or children were determined eligible for the Kid Care CHIP program. The letter will indicate your child’s insurance coverage start date. You will also receive a parent handbook, provider directory and subscription agreement from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming. Your child’s medical and dental insurance cards will also be sent to you. Please present these cards to the provider each time your child receives services.


Q: Will someone contact me if my child/children did not qualify?


A: In the event your child does not meet eligibility guidelines you will receive a letter by mail indicating the reasons why your child did not qualify.


Q: Are Kid Care CHIP and Medicaid the same program?


A: No, Kid Care CHIP and Medicaid are two different programs with different eligibility requirements. However, the application form and process are the same for both programs. The family income level determines the program for which you qualify.



Q: What if I have specific questions about my child’s insurance coverage?


A: If you have questions regarding your child's medical coverage or claims please contact Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming at 1-800-209-9720, or visit the Blue Cross & Blue Shield website:


If you have questions regarding your child's dental coverage or claims please contact Delta Dental of Wyoming at 1-800-735-3379. Or visit the Delta Dental website:


Q: How can I apply?  


A: You can apply over the phone by calling our Customer Service Center at 1-855-294-2127 or by completing an online application as:  In addition, you can request a paper application be mailed to you, download a paper application from our website, or complete the application in person at our Cheyenne Customer Service Center. To return paper applications you can mail, fax or email the application to us.  


Call the Customer Service Center at: 1-855-294-2127 or for TTY/TDD: 1-855-329-5204

Apply online at:

Fax Applications to: 1-855-329-5205

Scan and email applications to:

Mail applications or apply in person at:

WDH Customer Service Center

6101 Yellowstone Rd., Suite 259D

Cheyenne, WY 82002  



Q: How long is my child covered for and do I need to renew?


A: Once qualified, children remain eligible for 12 continuous months as long as they continue to meet certain eligibility requirements. After one year you will need to complete the renewal process.



Q: What is the renewal process?


A: Renewing your child's insurance coverage is easy and takes just minutes to complete. You can renew by calling the Customer Service Center at: 1-855-294-2127 or completing the process online at:


Q: What happens if I don’t renew in time?


A: If you do not complete the renewal process your child’s coverage will end, and you will need to complete the application process over again.


Q: What medical and dental providers accept Kid Care CHIP?


A: You will receive a Provider Directory by mail with your child’s insurance card. The directory lists the providers who accept Kid Care CHIP. You can also access the directory through the Blue Cross Blue Shield provider directory link, To access the dental provider list visit the Insure Kids Now website at,