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Food Shopping Guide

Foods approved by the Wyoming WIC Program are chosen based on their nutrient content, availability, cost, and acceptance by the participants. Participants must always select foods by the type as well as the specific brand of the food.  WIC authorized foods provide good sources of the vitamins, minerals, and protein that are often missing in the diet of women, infants and young children. These foods are meant to supplement their diet. Some brands of particular foods may be fortified with certain nutrients, while another brand of the same type of food is not. Remember:

  • Not all products will be available at all stores
  • Read your WYO W.E.S.T./Beginning Balance receipt carefully and purchase exactly what is listed
  • Manufacturer/Store Coupons and Store Discount Cards are allowed
  • Only WIC participant(s) should eat the foods purchased with WIC benefits

Shopping Guide Effective April 1, 2015

Food Shopping Guide

Guía para Compra de Alimentos