Wyoming PRAMS Data

Data Tables

Data tables provide the breakdown of the answers women provided to all questions present on the WY PRAMS survey.

Phase 6 Data Tables (2011)

Phase 6 Data Tables (2009-2010)

Phase 5 Data Tables (2007-2008)

For more information on Wyoming and other participating PRAMS states visit http://apps.nccd.cdc.gov/cPONDER/

Fact Sheets

Check out the Wyoming PRAMS factsheets.  They provide a breif two page overview of the topic in our state.

Wyoming PRAMS is committed to help inform the priorities of Maternal and Child Health in Wyoming. Click on the priorities listed below to find out more about each or visit: http://www.health.wyo.gov/familyhealth/mchepi/index.html

 Data to Action

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National PRAMS Data

Look at further breakdowns of Wyoming PRAMS data and compare Wyoming to other PRAMS states by using CPONDER