Flu Season 2012-2013

Information on Flu Clinics 

Flu Clinics in Wyoming (Clickable map by county to locate flu clinics)

Flu Clinic Web Posting Form  NEW 8/21/12 
This interactive form allows you to submit the form, which forwards to the main website administrator.  When you click submit, select Send to Desktop Email Application.  This automatically sends your completed form to us, and we can add you to our flu clinic map by county.  You can also print out and fax the form to the Immunization Program at 307-777-3615 and we will add the clinics to the website.  Please contact us with any questions at 307-777-7952.

Flu Clinics Listed on American Lung Association Web Site  Search by Zip code

Flu.gov Flu Clinic Listings

Vaccine Information Statements 

Inactivated Influenza (Flu) 2012-2013  NEW    7/02/12

Live, Intranasal Influenza (Flu)  2012-2013   NEW   7/02/12


Information and Materials to Print Out   

2012-2013 Seasonal Influenza Vaccines Information   NEW   9/5/12

2012-2013 Influenza Algorithm & Egg Allergy Form    NEW 9/5/12

Fight the Flu Poster  

Videos from CDC on Flu