The annual Benchmarking Process is required for all VFC/WyVIP Providers and provides important information regarding patient eligibility, age and insurance carrier.  The process for 2013 has changed as data will now be submitted



Providers will collect and compile the required data and enter it into the Benchmarking report below, which is an electronic PDF form.  Providers should enter the data into the form and click "Submit" in the top right hand corner to complete the Benchmarking Process.


Providers with questions about this year's process should first reference the Benchmarking Guide below.  Any additional questions may be directed to Jude Serrano at 307-777-2413 or jude.serrano1@wyo.gov.  Thank you.


Collection Period:      May 1, 2013 - May 31, 2013


Report Due Date:      June 14, 2013


2013 Benchmarking Report    5/31/2013  NEW 

This is the official 2013 Benchmarking Report that Providers must use to submit patient data collected in the month of May 2013.  

REMINDER: This is an electronically submitted form. Upon entering the data click "Submit" in the top right hand corner. Upon confirmation the form was sent, save it for your records. Refer to page 3 of the Benchmarking Guide for assistance with completing this form.  



Benchmarking Guide  6/04/2013   NEW


Patient Data Collection Form    

*This form may be used by Providers that do not have an EHR, a qualifying EHR and are also not active users of the WyIR as a way to collect data on a per-patient basis.


Data Compilation Form   4/26/2013   

*Providers are encouraged to use this form to compile data in preparation of submitting the final Benchmarking Report.