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Mental Wellness Presentations

The Mental Wellness presentations address vacrious issues facing older adults.  The goal is to help the older person maintain a healthy, independent life style.

"Growing Wiser" presentation emphasizes the importance of a strong memory, mental alertness, coping with losses and a positive self-image in order to maintain independence.

"Mental Wellness is for Everyone" presentation addresses the causes of clinical depression, suicide and the older adult, their warning signs and possible preventive measures.

 "Facts About Alzheimers" addresses normal memory loss verses possible Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), signs of AD, how to communicate with a person with AD, signs of care giver’s stress and ways to help the family.

 "Dementia and Behavioral Disturbances in Relation to Alzheimer’s Disease" looks at the hallmarks of dementia, behavior, cognitive and personality changes, and looks at some mental status and behavioral disturbance assessment tools.

 "Gatekeepers Train-the-Trainer" presentation is a training program for those interested in going out into their respective communities and helping others become aware of the signs of an older person who maybe "at risk" of premature institutionalization and how to prevent it. This is done by identify, recruiting, and training members/Gatekeepers in the community to watch for the "at risk" signs and developing integrated response systems to meet the needs of the "at risk" older adult.

 "Depression In Older Adults: It’s Not Part of Aging" explains what depression is, kinds of depression, what causes it, how it relates to suicide, how negative and positive attitudes effect a person's thinking.

Eligibility for these services: There are no eligibility requirements for attendance for these presentations.  There may be eligibility requirements to receive grant funds for these presentations.