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Links Multi-Layered Sites

Websites geared for Older Americans, with several layers of information.

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Age of Reason
" If you build it, they will come"  Over 5,000 Links to sites of interest to the over 50 age group.If you're Over 50 you don't want to spend the rest of your life in Never Ending Cyberspace. With that in mind, we strive to provide you with practical information relative to seniors lifestyles. This site is truly an international site with sections for USA, Canada, and other countries. 

Double Nickels 55
Is an electronic magazine for active adults.  Filled with information about gardening, travel, bed & breakfasts, scams, financial issues ( just to name a few), this site has a bit of everything for everyone...

Elder Abuse

This award-winning site is designed to be a research site for both professionals and family members looking for information on eldercare and long term care, and includes links to information on legal, financial, medical, and housing issues, as well as policy, research, and statistics.

Exclusively seniors
This site is a commercial site, but has a great resource page of links to senior oriented topic in both the United States and Canada.  (This is directly to the resource page. To avoid impropriety,  also visit their homepage,

A site dedicated to grandparent issues. From do's and don'ts, to freebies, to activities for the grandchildren.  This site hopes to help enrich the grandparent-grandchild relationship, and enhances the joys of grandparenting.

LTC Links
A comprehensive source of long-term care information.  Over 700 links in 27 categories, including insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, and many others.

Programs of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) provide and coordinate all needed preventive, primary, acute and long term care services so that older individuals can continue living in the community.

Senior Journal - A daily news journal for active seniors. Includes diverse  topics for  those seniors that want to keep on top of the issues that concern their lives.

This site provide seniors and caregiver adult children with the tools and resources to manage many of the senior specific circumstances that naturally arise. Help local businesses connect seniors and adult caregiver children.

Senior World Online
This site has a articles about travel, house and garden, health, leisure, real estate, and others.  It has both in depth and light-hearted articles for the active senior in the digital age.  (personal note:  It says it is defined by region, but I went into 2 different regions and the headline articles were the same.  I did find the site to have some valuable information on it.)