EV-D68 Testing

15 September 2014


At this point in the season, WDH recommends confirmatory testing for EV-D68 in cases of severe respiratory illness with tests positive for rhinovirus/enterovirus, or without a detected etiology (i.e. influenza and RSV negative).  For confirmation of EV-D68 infection, specimens can be sent to the CDC through the Wyoming Public Health Laboratory (WPHL). Preferred specimens for testing are nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs in viral transport media.  Only sterile dacron or rayon swabs with plastic shafts can be tested.  Specimens collected with 5 days of receipt by the WPHL can be sent refrigerated (on ice) at 2-8°C.  Alternatively, specimens can be shipped frozen and on dry ice.  Do not send specimens to the WPHL without prior consultation with WDH staff.  Please contact Sarah Buss at 307-777-6066 or Katie Bryan at 307-777-5522 with further questions or to discuss specific test requests.




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